Hudson Art Advisors is independent of any auction house or dealer.

We are known for our transparent, discreet, and objective advice on the management and planning of fine art, antiques, 20th-century design, jewelry, books, and ephemera.



We work closely with you to devise an effective strategy for the sale of your tangible property. Our priority is to identify the proper market, the best qualified and most efficient timing to meet your needs, and to maximize the greatest financial return.




Our clients take advantage of our significant art expertise and network of independent international specialists in all aspects of art acquisition. Our relationships with galleries, museums, and auction houses allow us to offer invaluable insight into the marketplace.




We provide advice on acquisitions or deaccessions to clients’ collections and address key issues such as conservation, restoration, security measures, and related concerns.




Finding the appropriate insurer for objects, while in homes, on loan, or while in transit to sale locations is essential. We are intimately familiar with the intricacies involved in art loss insurance, restitution, title issues, as well as up-to-date processes for forgery detection.




Whether it’s an initial valuation or a timely re-appraisal, we draw on our extensive network of resources and contacts to achieve realistic and realizable results.




We can source the top professionals in the field of conservation or restoration to preserve and protect the value of cherished objects.




We help you formulate a strategic plan to realize your philanthropic goals that include tangible personal property. Timing, tax implications, market conditions, etc. are all key components to be taken into consideration.